​To begin a new precertification authorization request:

Our programs in Case Management, Disease Management and Utilization Management are all URAC accredited.  The team consists of Registered Nurses, credentialed Physician Advisors and a Board-Certified Medical Director, all of whom support and advocate wellness, prevention of uncontrolled disease states and the provision of the highest quality care by improving ease of access and targeting the most appropriate levels of care.
Why Implement a Care Management Program?
Personalized approach results in better self-management & higher quality of life
Reduction in claims expenditures & plan medical costs for those actively participating
Total integration of care & claims data provides the greatest opportunity for positive clinical & financial impact for the plan and member
Compliance based incentive programs ensure greater member participation, enhanced clinical outcomes & savings
Instant identification of high-risk diagnosis triggers and early identification of third-party liability claims at the time of precertification
Collaboration with reinsurance carriers 
to manage high ​dollar cases
"INETICO has been a great business partner and supports us with a variety of solutions. My Account Manager has been an incredible resource and supports my TPA's needs!"
~ Tom C. (TPA)